We Just Got to the Beach

There are about a dozen people here, but I do not know all of them. A friend of mine knows the person who owns this house, which is pretty enormous. It could hold a lot more people than are here this week. The place is enormous and it sits right on the beach here on Emerald Isle on the North Carolina Outer Banks. At any rate this is not the place I would go if I did not have a girlfriend, it is pretty quiet here. The sort of place families go. Emily just gave me some Green Beaver sunscreen, which made me laugh when I saw it. She swears by the stuff and it is apparently organic, just like all of the stuff that she puts on her skin. She is a really strict animal rights person and so she is adamant about using cosmetics that employ animal testing. All of the things that we take for granted she is very keenly aware of and in fact she does not really use a lot of the stuff other girls do.

I think it is very attractive myself, because I do not really like all of that stuff that women put on their faces. It is all oily and usually I get it on me if I have a girl. At any rate that is something that I am not going to get in though. What a girl puts on her face is her own business, but obviously I am entitled to an opinion. It Is not something that you want to be too opinionated about, like I said it is not really my business when you get down to the basic facts of the matter. However I think it is a good idea to think about what is in that stuff.

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